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Laser Spectroscopy and Chemical Physics - Postdoctoral Position

Laser Spectroscopy and Chemical Physics
    An industrial postdoctoral position of 1-3 years duration is available starting January of 2015 in the laboratory of Dr. Tony Smith at Ideal Vacuum located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The research involves laser spectroscopic studies of reactive intermediates containing main group elements (C, Si, Ge, etc.) with particular emphasis on those that are of importance to vacuum coating and deposition processes, such applications as, thin film technology, thin-film catalytic coating, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, semiconductor growth processes, and astrophysics. The transient species are produced by laser ablation or electric discharge and are studied in the gas phase in free jet expansions. Laser-induced fluorescence, stimulated emission pumping, wavelength resolved fluorescence, and fluorescence lifetimes are used to detect and characterize the molecules and free radicals of interest. We also use Gaussian quantum chemical methods to predict molecular structures and spectroscopic parameters as an aid to the experimental studies. Personnel in the laboratory get to conduct experiments with the instrumentation at Ideal Vacuum and travel to do collaborative research with other research groups.

Applied Vacuum Technology
    Ideal Vacuum is a New Mexico based distributor of scientific and industrial vacuum equipment with pumping technologies, such as, rotary vane, dry scroll, turbomolecular, and others along with vacuum pressure measurement, fittings, hardware, and supplies since 2001. The majority of our 6,000 current products either directly produce, measure, or contain vacuum. We want to extend our product range into applied vacuum process applications, such as, sputtering, thermal evaporation, electron beam evaporation, and ion beam sources to produce controlled growth of thin films for industrial production and chemical engineering process applications. Thin films are used in many industrial manufacturing processes, for example, displays, tool coating, photovoltaics, medical, optical, lighting, automotive, wear coating and others. The deposited material produces physical and chemical changes in a base material, for example, thin films layers of lanthanide containing materials can be used to produce catalytic reactions for organic synthesis. We need a qualified and committed individual with a knowledge of applied vacuum deposition techniques to bring experience and guidance as a member of our thin film deposition source technical product integration and development committee.

Thin Film Deposition Methods
    Magnetron Sputtering Cathodes
  • Virtually Any Target Material Deposition
  • RF, DC, & Pulsed DC Power Driven
  • High Vacuum & Ultra High Vacuum Applications
    Inverted Magnetrons
  • Cylindrical Targets Surround the Substrate With Coating Material
  • DC, Pulsed DC, or AC Power Driven
  • Conformal 3D Coatings, Eliminates Substrate Rotation

    Thermal Evaporation Sources
  • Resistive Element Heated Thermal Evaporation
  • Filaments, Boats, Boxes, & Rods Sources
  • Point Source Evaporation (Organic Materials)

Technical Product Integration
    Our technical scientists and application support engineers assist our graphics & product marketing department by preparing technical manuscripts for these product web page listings. This positions will require excellent English writing skills, the ability to read and comprehend technical vacuum products manuals, datasheets, and catalogs. To prepare a selected technical product manuscript we often have to read, study, and review published literature about those selected types of products and then condense that information into a concise and well-advertised product listing.
  • Educated to doctorate degree level in a Science or Engineering discipline
  • Experience in experimental laser spectroscopy, chemical physics, and molecular spectroscopy
  • Experience with vacuum deposition sources or thin film growth and monitoring technologies.
  • Salary details being open and negotiable
  • BCBS Health Care
  • Dental & Vision
  • Paid vacation, holidays, and sick leave
  • Relocation compensation is available
How To Apply:
    Well-qualified individuals with experience in experimental laser spectroscopy, chemical physics, molecular spectroscopy and vacuum techniques are invited to apply by sending an email message with details about their background and research interests. Salary details being open and negotiable, benefits include health care, vision, and dental along with sick leave, vacation, and holiday pay. Read more about this position on our web site at www.idealvac.com/job124.asp. Please email resume to hr4@idealvac.com.
By Regular Mail To:
    Ideal Vacuum Products
    Human Resources
    5910 Midway Park Blvd NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87109
    Phone: (505) 872-0037
    Fax: (505) 872-9001

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